Welcome to rural Minnesota!

The Winger Depot is the historic landmark building in the heart of Winger, Minnesota. Built in 1904 for the Soo Line Railroad, this building has been an icon in Winger for over a century. 

The building has been completely remodeled and upgraded over the years  and currently houses a family restaurant (where all the locals gather for breakfast every morning), our town's only grocery store, and a wine & bottle shop.

This is the perfect opportunity for a someone who is interested in joining our rural community and becoming a part of the history of The Depot.

Asking price: $189,900

About the depot

The Heart of the Community


The Depot is the place everyone in town gathers. Get a hot cup of coffee, a piece of pie or one of Brittany's lunch specials at the cafe. Grab a jug of milk or the weekly newspaper (it comes out on Tuesday) at the store. Or just wait to meet the school bus in the afternoon.

Depot Cafe


The cafe is the local gathering place for morning conversations (gossip) and discussing the news of the day. And if you're interested in finding out about the history of Winger, one of the local farmers will no doubt be more than happy to tell you how it used to be in the old days.

Depot Foods & Wine Shop


The only grocery store in town provides an essential service for the community. The nearest supermarket (Walmart) is 40 miles away. The bottle shop offers a wide variety of wine, locally-brewed beers and spirits. We cater to many weddings and events held in the area.


Winger Depot For Sale

18 N Borud St., Winger MN 56592

(213) 408-9968

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